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Monarch HS Marching Band 2023 Schedule


Please put these dates on your calendar (you can import the band calendar on the band website to your home calendar).  You are responsible for attending everything on this calendar.


All rehearsals are required and students are expected to be on time.   If there are conflicts, it is important to work that out with Mr. Stephen ahead of time.  Missing for work is not an acceptable reason to miss events.  All rehearsals are at MHS unless otherwise noted.


Missed rehearsals can only be cleared through Mr. Stephen or another staff member (never through section leaders).


We are very excited about the upcoming season. 




20        8:30am-12:00pm                      Marching Band Rehearsal/Show Reveal (MANDATORY)

20        10:30am-11:00am                     New marching band parents meeting (MANDATORY)                 

20        11:00am-12:00pm                    All marching band parents meeting (MANDATORY)

20        12:00pm                                   Pizza Party for marching band members



2          8:30am-12:30pm                      Camp (All members)     

3          8:30am-12:30pm                      Camp (All members)     

26        5:30pm-7:30pm                        4th of July Parade Rehearsal



4          8:00am-12:30pm                      Superior, 4th of July Parade (for those families in town)

7          8:30am-12:30pm                      Camp (All members)

8          8:30am-12:30pm                      Camp (All members)

10        5:00pm-7:30pm                        Rehearsal

17        5:00pm-7:30pm                        Rehearsal

24        5:00pm-7:30pm                        Rehearsal



1          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

2          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

3          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

4          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

5          8:30-12:30                               CAMP/Performance and Picnic (pot luck)

8          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

9          8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

10        8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

11        8:30-3:30                                 CAMP

12        8:30am-12:30pm                      CAMP and Parent run through

14        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

16        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

19        8:30-12:30                                Rehearsal

21        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

23        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

26        8:00am-4:00pm                        TAG DAY (everyone participates)

28        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

30        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal




5          8:00am-12:00pm                      Louisville Labor Day Parade

6          6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

10        8:30-3:30                                  Rehearsal

11        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

13        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

16        8:00-3:30                                  Rehearsal

18        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

20        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

23        All Day                                     Legacy Festival  5 Star Stadium

25        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

28        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal (Thursday due to Out of State College fair)

30        8:30-3:30                                  Rehearsal



2          8:30-3:30                                  Rehearsal

4          6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

5          6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

7          All Day                                     Big Cat Festival 

9          6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

11        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

14        All Day                                     Monarch Festival 

16        4:00-10:00pm                           REGIONALS 

18        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

21        8:30-3:30pm                             Rehearsal

23        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

24        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

25        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

26        6:00-9:00pm                             Rehearsal

27        All Day                                     Senior Speeches  STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Air Force Academy

28        All Day                                     STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Air Force Academy



Items on this calendar are subject to change.  The most current version of the calendar can be found on the Monarch Bands website.


Parents and students will be given plenty of notice about any changes to the calendar dates.

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