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We are a group of parent volunteers donating our time to help make music a top activity and department at Monarch High School.  We fundraise for the programs in an effort to supplement limited district funding for these programs. Copy of the bylaws can be viewed here. 

2021-2022 goals:

  • Outreach and Awareness

    • Continue to build database of parents, students, community

      • Communicate with our collected groups

      • Pops Expansion and outreach

      • Volunteers – have openings for 2021-2022 that need shadowing

  • Sponsorships

    •  Strategically pursue community sponsorships

    •  Create fundraising events or opportunities for sponsors

  • Build Wish Lists for 5-year plan

  • Expand Fundraising

    • Create and build sustainable fundraisers 


2021/2022 Board

President - Tim Johnson-

Vice-President - Wade Coleman-

Treasurer - Kellen Hatch- 

Assistant Treasurer - 

Communications - Tricia Brzostowicz-

Marching Band Rep - Paige Kirkman-


Ensemble Representatives

Color Guard - Diana Clyker

Jazz Band - open position for the 2021/2022 school year

Concert Band - open position for the 2020/2021 school year

MIP Percussion - Marc and Michelle Gussenbauer

Winter Guard - Diana Clyker 


Logistics/Transportation Coordinator - Phil Hatch

Scrip Coordinator - Heather Mierzejewski

Peach Sale Coordinator - Kathryn Wolff and Tiffany Voeller

Tag Day Coordinator - Cecile Hannay

Sponsorship Coordinator - open position for the 2021/2022 school year

Marching Band Festival Coordinator - Paul Weissmann 

Winter Guard Festival Coordinator - Rachel Nussbaum

Uniform Coordinator - open position for the 2021/2022 school year

Food Committee Coordinator - Kirstin and Danno Ferrin

Breakfast Sub-committee - Rowena Freebury and Michelle Gussenbauer

Gear Store Coordinator - Stephanie Shananhan and Jane Ferris 



Webmaster, Beverly A. 

Band Photographer, Nicole Leonard and Liz Danekind

Asst. Treasurer

Contact the Band Boosters at:


Director Contact Information:

Mr. Chuck Stephen

Director of Bands

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