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Band Boosters Position Descriptions

Board Positions

President- chair of fundraising committee 

Vice-President- chair of volunteer coordinator for marching band 




Communications- Oversees the webmaster, in charge of ensuring that all of the students' data is correct and up to date in Charms (non-financial).

Ensemble Representatives

Marching Band- Communicates logistical information via email to band member and parents regarding football games, competitions, Tag Day, potlucks, etc. Acts as the go between the directors and members/parents. 


Jazz Band-

Concert Band-

MIP Percussion-

Color Guard-



Scrip Coordinator- Sell new parents Scrip cards to local grocery stores. Be the rep for gift cards orders from www. May advertise purchase of a group order of gift cards from Shopwithscrip just before the holidays.


Truck Transportation-- Pick-up and return semi cab from local sponsor and drive to competitions and football games. CDL will be paid for by the Band Boosters

Peach Sale- advertise, send emails, coordinate orders and delivery of peaches. This job is only busy during the summer.

Band Festival- organize the Monarch Marching Festival at Centaurus. This is a large event.

Garage Sale- needs to be researched for viability. Organized and executed if approved.


Music & Art Rentals- Assist with 5th grade instrument rentals. Attend a training in August to earn MHS Music Department a $50 Music and Arts credit. Once you are trained you can sign up for the events if your schedule allows, held in August and September – and if not we still get the credit for training.  This is easy money, and a nice way to meet other parents and get involved. Over the past two years we have raised over $2,500 through this program.

Marching Band Food- This position begins in the summer (? in charge of parade drinks). You are responsible for feeding the marching band members, staff and parents at competitions, approximately 125 people. This may include breakfast lunch and dinner during the day. There are a total of 6-7 competitions, regionals and state events.  In addition, lunch and breakfast for Tag Day. This position will oversee the following positions; snack coordinator, dessert coordinator, drink coordinator, special diet coordinator, etc. Detailed notes from the last coordinators are available. 

Gear Store Coordinator-

Webmaster- keep content on the website current. Advertise upcoming events. This position is under the Communication Board position.


Asst. Treasurer- 

Booster Meeting Representative-  

Booster Meeting- 

Members at Large- 


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