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Mile High United Way! 

Is your employer running a United Way campaign?  Do you regularly give to United Way?  You can now designated Monarch High School Band Boosters to receive your donation.  Just enter Monarch High School Band Boosters on your donation form as the designated recipient.   If you are registering on line, choose the group from a drop down menu.  If our group does not appear on a drop down list, please enter it in the "Other" category.  That's it, so easy!  Be sure to enter the full name of our group.  


If you need the tax ID for Monarch High School Band Boosters, contact  Kellen Hatch, treasurer  She will be glad to provide it.  We are on the approved United Way list, so it shouldn't be required.  


Thanks for your generosity.

Matching Grants

Many companies have matching grant programs.  Google is one amazing example. Ask your employer and then let us know so we can help you make this happen.

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