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Volunteer Opportunities

The success of our band program depends on our amazing volunteers. Below are signups for the volunteers opportunities for 2022. Fill out the contact form below to be contacted about future volunteer needs.


2022 Monarch Marching Band Volunteer Sign-up

This sign-up is for season-long positions. Please sign up for as many spots as you can to help knowing that we are asking for a minimum of 4-6 hours per family. If you have any questions - just ask.  The season long positions are very manageable and do not require excessive amounts of time.

MB21 Legacy-106.jpg

State Quarter-finals

The band will be performing Friday afternoon during the state quarter-finals. We will need help both days, so sign-up where you can. 

Marching Band State

This is our final day of competing for the season! Go Monarch!


Alumni Sign-up

Alumni parents and students, if you would like to volunteer with us in the future, please add your contact information here so we can be in touch.

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