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"It's so much more than just a band."

Still deciding on joining band? Read the following testimonials and you will have no doubt this is where you belong. The passion it ignites, the friendships you make, and the life long skills you gain. BAND IS FUN!


Why You Should Join Band!

"As a giver I always want to be a part of something bigger than myself. If you’ve ever felt the same, band is the place for you. It takes an individual effort from everyone but it comes together to be something spectacular. You can feel wonderment fill your mind as all the small pieces are put together to create something moving and entertaining.

As a student and musician among other things I know personally that it doesn’t mean anything unless I share it with someone. Marching Band is the exact place to do that. It is an open environment, students from all grades working together and bonding. When I first entered as a freshman I was afraid and insecure but I had nothing to worry about for band is a friendly environment and I’ve come to love it very much.

When I listen to music I can feel and understand all of the emotions they are trying to portray. Being able to make music with other people you’re able to portray larger emotions and on a personal level as you know everyone playing with you you’re all feeling the same thing.


The brain waves of two musicians synchronize when performing a duet. Try to imagine what it’s like when a room full of musicians play together. Science can’t say the same happens with that many people but you get to connect with all of the people anyways. The music programs at Monarch are a second family to those at the school. Music helps all of us get through the school year and who wouldn’t want the extra company."

 -Josie W. '20


The Friends You Will Meet!

"This organization has impacted me in some of the most profound ways in my life. It taught me passion, discipline, and determination, skills that I will take with me wherever I go. This place gave me the best group of friends, a pride in what I do, but most importantly, it gave me a second home, a second family; a place that I feel safe to explore, create, and be myself" - Evan A. '18


The Band has Changed My Life!

"The band program at Monarch High School, specifically  Monarch Indoor Percussion and Monarch Marching Band, has permanently changed my life. No matter how worn out or overloaded with school work I am, I can come to practice and get away from it all for a bit. I can do exactly what I love which is to make great music. During the many hours I spend after school and on the weekend rehearsing, my instructors have taught me important skills such as perseverance, patience, time management, and goal setting. These will help me today in the music world and throughout the rest of my life. Through this program, I have met my best friends, a second family, and place where I can thrive. I’m looking forward to more years of fun."

-Annalie H. '21

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