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Scrip Gift Card Fundraising

Making money for MHS Band Boosters has never been so easy. Gift card fundraising, also known as scrip fundraising, is one of the most popular ways to raise money.


By purchasing electronic gift cards through RaiseRight, Boosters can currently earn up to 20% (rates can vary) for every dollar spent. There are 100's of available electronic gift cards. 


Use Presto Pay at Scrip to pay directly from your bank account.


Email with questions.

FAQs at RaiseRight.

Use gift cards to buy things like food, gas, coffee, and more!

Use gift cards online or in a store, and check balances or add funds through the RaiseRight app.


Use scrip cards when you're at the grocery store!

Earn up to 5% for MoHi at places like Safeway, Target, Whole Foods, and Walmart. Reload your card easily online or through the RaiseRight app and keep earning money for the school. 

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